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A1409   Admire - Ladies
A1409B   Admire Diamond - Ladies
S1409   Admire Diamond ring
S1455P   Adore Celtic Diamond ring
K400L   Beginnings - Ladies
X1233   Celtic Cross pendant
X1233B   Celtic Cross pendant
X1416   Celtic Cross pendant
X1417   Celtic Cross pendant
X1418   Celtic Cross pendant
X1419   Celtic Cross pendant
X1474   Celtic Cross pendant
X1520   Celtic Cross pendant
X1521   Celtic Cross pendant
X1522   Celtic Cross pendant
C1740   Celtic Diamond and Emerald Trinity ring
K520L   Celtic Diamond and Gemstone eternity ring
C1740P   Celtic Diamond and Sapphire Trinity ring
K521L   Celtic Diamond eternity ring
C1414   Celtic Diamond Pave ring
P1359   Celtic knot work pendant
S520P   Celtic Princess Cut Diamond ring
R1242B   Celtic Signet ring - Gents
R1242A   Celtic Signet ring - Gents.
C1276B   Celtic Signet ring - Unisex
C1276C   Celtic Signet ring - Unisex
C1258   Celtic Signet ring - Unisex.
R1765   Celtic Trinity ring - Gents
A1446   Celtic Weave Diamond ring
R1739B   Celtic Weave ring - Gents
C1224B   Ceylon Celtic ring
C957   Classic Claddagh ring
W957B   Classic Claddagh ring.
K251L   Desire - Unisex
K250L   Desire Diamond - Ladies
K270L   Destiny - Unisex
K271L   Destiny Diamond - Ladies
K330L   Devotion - Ladies
C9579   Diamond and Gemstone Claddagh ring
A1371   Diamond Keeper - Ladies
A1385   Diamond Keeper - Ladies
K510L   Discovery - Ladies
K120L   Dreams - Ladies
K121L   Dreams Diamond - Ladies
K122L   Dreams Diamond set - Ladies
K140G   Encouragement - Gents
K140L   Encouragement - Ladies
A1411   Enlightened Celtic Diamond ring
K522G   Eternal - Gents
K524L   Eternal - Ladies
K523G   Eternity - Gents
K523L   Eternity - Ladies
A1488   Eternity Brilliant Cut Diamond ring
K101G   Expectation - Gents
K110G   Exploration - Gents
K480G   Faith - Gents
K481L   Faith - Ladies
K480L   Faith - Ladies.
A1448   Forever Always Celtic Diamond ring
A1999DW   Forever Celtic Diamond ring
A1471   Forever Celtic Diamond ring - Small
K170L   Foundation - Ladies
C1253   Gemstone and Diamond Celtic ring
C957B   Gemstone Claddagh ring
K300G   Harmony - Gents
K300L   Harmony - Ladies
K202G   Hearts - Gents
K200G   Hearts - Gents.
K200L   Hearts - Ladies
K202L   Hearts - Ladies.
K201L   Hearts Diamond - Ladies
K160G   Hope - Gents
K160L   Hope - Ladies
K525G   Infinite - Gents
K525L   Infinite - Ladies
K210G   Infinity - Gents
K210L   Infinity - Ladies
K230G   Integrity - Gents
K230L   Integrity - Ladies
C1225   Iolite Celtic weave ring
K380L   Journey - Ladies
K431L   Liberty - Unisex
K430L   Liberty Diamond - Ladies
K310G   Life - Gents
K184G   Love - Gents
K180L   Love - Ladies
K184L   Love - Ladies
K182L   Love Diamond - Ladies
A1487   Marquise Eternity Diamond ring
K390L   Passion - Ladies
K130G   Principle - Gents
K130L   Principle - Ladies
K131L   Principle Diamond - Ladies
K240L   Promise - Ladies
K241L   Promise Diamond - Ladies
K242L   Promise Diamond Pave - Ladies
K290G   Protection - Gents
S1421   Réalta Celtic Diamond ring
A1421   Réalta Celtic Weave Diamond ring
K280G   Reflection - Gents
K280L   Reflection - Ladies
K110L   Sensitivity - Ladies
K113L   Sensitivity Diamond - Ladies
K150G   Serenity - Gents
K150L   Serenity - Ladies
K500L   Shamrock - Ladies
K190G   Strength - Gents
K340L   Success - Ladies
C957D   Three Gemstone Claddagh ring
C1306   Traditional Claddagh ring
C1306M   Traditional Claddagh ring (Matt finish)
C1453   Traditional Claddagh ring - Gents
C1453B   Traditional Claddagh ring - Ladies
K155G   Tranquillity - Gents
K154G   Tranquillity - Ladies
K421L   Treasure Diamond - Ladies
K294G   Trinity - Gents
A1235   Trinity Celtic Diamond curved eternity ring
A1235S   Trinity Celtic Diamond eternity ring
S1775   Trinity Celtic Diamond ring
K603L   Trinity Cut Out Diamond Celtic ring
S1617C   Trinity Diamond Celtic ring
S1235B   Trinity Solitaire Diamond Celtic ring
C1633   Triple Diamond Trinity Celtic ring
A1481   Two tone Eternity Diamond ring
C1429   Two-tone gold Modern Claddagh ring
C1430   Two-tone gold Modern Claddagh ring
K100G   Unity - Gents
K100L   Unity - Ladies
K170G   Universal - Gents
K190L   Wisdom - Ladies

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