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The Celtic Tui name is primarily about love and family – my Dad was born and grew up in Dunfermline, Scotland and he immigrated to New Zealand with my grandparents Mary and Robert Milne and his two brothers when he was nine years old. I’m immensely proud of my Scottish heritage, I competed in Highland and National dancing for over thirteen years and travelled throughout New Zealand and competed at a national level. I have also travelled to Scotland with my husband, and I instantly fell in love with the people, the landscape and culture.

While on this holiday, I dragged my poor husband in and out of every jewellery store in Edinburgh to find the ‘right’ Celtic style pendant and here I found my first piece of Celtic jewellery, a gold simple knot work pendant. I love and adore everything Celtic, particularly Celtic knot work jewellery.

My family associates the tui bird with my late grandparents Olive and Melville Garland, who were born in and raised their family here in New Zealand. Like the tui bird, my Poppa had a beautiful singing voice yet he was renowned for forgetting lyrics to songs… he was a brilliant whistler as well!

In 1999 Poppa was diagnosed with bowel cancer and this developed into lymphoma – as he spent his final moments with us my Aunty sat and spoke with him asking if he would continue to watch over us and she spoke about the tui bird – from then on whenever we see or hear the tui we remember Nana and Poppa, we remember how much they loved us and still look after us to this day.

Nikki Reyneke - The Celtic Tui